Reel Dalins members Courtney A. Kuhn and Kelly Kruse Wissing

FishTaxi Charters and crew recently fished the Old Salts Ladies Tournament on August 13th. The turn out was absolutely amazing and it was great to see all the local lady anglers coming together for a great day of fishing and fun. Two members of the “Reel Darlins” team Courtney A. Kuhn and Kelly Kruse Wissing fished hard all day long and proved once again that women’s fishing is a force to be reckoned with.





Our very own Captain Ryan Wagner helping show off a great catch by the Reel Darlins

First thing in the morning we decided to spend some time fishing on a wreck in 110 feet of water. Fishing the wreck and a few other areas produced a great catch of big trophy sized Amberjack. This was followed up by the Ladies landing the teams limit of Red Grouper and a dozen huge Mangrove Snapper to finish out the days event.




Congratulations Kelly and Courtney on placing 2nd and 3rd for Snapper

Kelly and Courtney managed to take 2nd and 3rd place in the snapper division with fish over 6 lbs. each. Unfortunately they where knocked off the leader board for Amberjack at the last minute. Congratulations to Kelly and Courtney for there great day on the water!!






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