Grouper and kingfish will be the fish of the month for November. Both Gag and Red grouper fishing have been excellent this whole year and has only gotten better with the cooler weather. In fact we have had to take twice the bait as usual because there are so many fish. Frozen sardines and a variety of live bait are the key to a successful trip. Stopping in 35 feet of water and fishing with Sabiki rigs tipped with squid are loading the bait wells with grunts, pinfish, squirrel fish, blue runners and cigar minnows… Once enough bait is caught we are heading to 65 to 80 feet of water and looking for any rock, ledge or piece of hard bottom holding fish. Once found, we anchor down and let the catching begin. Remember, gag grouper close Nov 15th, so go get em while you can!

Kingfish are another great option this month. Smaller fish are offshore in depths of 45 to 80 feet with the larger “smoker kings” roaming the beach and nearshore patches of hard bottom. Fishing offshore we are using cigar minnows and blue runners and ladyfish, muller and shad inshore for the big kings.

The fall king of the beach tournament will be held on Nov 5th and the weather looks great. We will be taking two girls form the Real Darlins fishing team and they are ready to go.