Red Snapper season officially opened back on June 1st and was slatted to close July 10th. NOAA has just released a extension to the Red Snapper season to allow us to harvest an extra 6 days making our season run through July 16th ! This is great news and it’s good to see NOAA is taking into consideration the time topical storm Debbie took us off the water while she pounded the coastlines with near hurricane force winds and 16 to 20 foot seas. Red Snapper season has been exceptionally productive this year with Charters reaching limits in record time.

If you are unfortunate and are unable to make your Charter plans before the end of Red Snapper season your still in luck to enjoy some serious Grouper fishing. Gag Grouper season is now in the mix of great fishing with it’s season running from July 1st through October 31st. It can’t be said strong enough that Gag Grouper fishing this season is going to be just incredible this year. Charters this year have already shown that the Gags are everywhere “it’s almost hard NOT to keep catching them” and their size and weights are better then the past several years without a doubt.

Not to be left out of the the fishing action, Red Grouper season has been running since April 1st and will continue until January 31st. The Red Grouper so far this season have been just huge, and are giving guests on our charters a real challenge. Of all the fish we bring in, my personal favorite to bake up and put on the table have to be Red Grouper. Red Grouper offer a mild taste, and can be cooked up more ways then we can write up at this time, so check back since we’ll be adding some of our favorite recipes to the website soon.

Almost forgot to mention that we’ve also been hooking lots of Kay West Snapper, Cobia and even a few Tuna have been kind enough to take the hook. Give us a call and we’ll get you on the water and fishing. This truly is the BEST time of the year to be on the water and fishing.