fishtaxi-charters-captain-ryanLet the fishing bonanza begin! First, as a recap of this years all-to-short Red Snapper season. We landed an incredible amount of trophy quality Red Snapper this season, and weather permitting we booked out every day we could be on the water. We couldn’t have wished for a better season this year. With great weather and lots of big healthy fish being caught it made for a charter captains dream, exciting charters and happy clients.

Now lets get talking about what the months of July and August have in store for us. Red Snapper season is closed, but as of July 1st the Gag Grouper season has reopened and will remain open until October 31st this year. Gag Grouper, or as it’s often called, Black Grouper are more abundant then normal this year, and these fish are looking very healthy in size and weight. Judging by the size and numbers we’ve had to release back while the season was closed, this is going to be a very productive target fish for our charters.

Not to be overlooked are the Red Grouper. The season on Red Grouper is open year round and have been a plentiful target fish for us. The number of Red Grouper have come down a little, but that has to do with the water temperatures during the hottest summer months and Red grouper not being quite as aggressive to take the bait and hold the hook. Charters can expect to land Red Grouper, but don’t expect to hit the boats limits until we drop down a few degrees over the next couple of months.

The true icing on the proverbial offshore charter-cake will be the opening of Amberjack season on August 1st!  This is when our charters really get to experience one of the best fighting fish our gulf waters have to offer. Amberjack fishing is action packed, intense and extremely enjoyable to be a part of. Getting on a school of Amberjack is like nothing most fisherman have ever witnessed before. These fish are fast and large and we’ll get some videos up showing just how crazy it really is. We have a few regular charter groups that even take the excitement up a notch by Bow-Fishing for Amberjack, and i have to say, what an adrenaline rush that is!

July and August are going to be very productive months and fishing will be a plenty. Be sure to book your charters in advance to get the time and days you prefer. And of course we’re always willing to work with you to get the days you want.

To contact Captain Ryan directly call (727) 410-0021 to book your charter..