July / August 2013 Fishing Report

July / August 2013 Fishing Report

Let the fishing bonanza begin! First, as a recap of this years all-to-short Red Snapper season. We landed an incredible amount of trophy quality Red Snapper this season, and weather permitting we booked out every day we could be on the water. We couldn’t have wished for a better season this year. With great weather and lots of big healthy fish being caught it made for a charter captains dream, exciting charters and happy clients.

June 2013 Fishing Report

June 2013 Fishing Report

Red Snapper is going to be the big fishing story for this month. This years Red Snapper season is going to be very short but sweet so don’t miss your chance at one of the best fishing trips that the Gulf of Mexico has to offer. Book your trip early is our best advice! Red Snapper are an excellent fish for eating and provide large fillets that no matter how they’re cooked up taste wonderful.

April / May 2013 Fishing Report

Red Grouper season opens April 1st and will remain open throughout the rest of the year.  Rock piles, ledges and reefs in the 60 to 100 foot depths are loaded up with Red Grouper this year making for big catches.  Bottom fishing with a good assortment of live and dead...

March 2013 Fishing Report

March is going to be a very exciting month to get out and do some Deep Sea Fishing!  Winter will be behind us and we are gearing up for great fishing to come early this year.  Red and Gag Grouper season is closed, but the Red Grouper season will open in April on time...

July 2012 Fishing Report

Red Snapper season officially opened back on June 1st and was slatted to close July 10th. NOAA has just released a extension to the Red Snapper season to allow us to harvest an extra 6 days making our season run through July 16th ! This is great news and it’s good to...

June 2012 Fishing Report

Red Snapper season for West Central, Florida opens June 1st followed by Gag Grouper. Along with the already open Red Grouper season, these extra options will make deep sea charter fishing extraordinary all summer long off the Gulf Beaches. It doesn’t get much...