Frequently Asked Questions

Please call Captain Ryan Wagner at 727-410-0021 for available dates and times.

Getting Started


Q. I’ve never done this before, where do i start?

Give us a call. we can help answer any question you may have about your charter, trip costs, whats biting and what you can expect for weather conditions. Basically it’s better to call and get the details then to arrive at the dock unknowing, and leave with your expectation unfulfilled about your charter.

Q. I tried calling about a charter and got a voicemail!

The number you call about booking a charter, or any questions you have goes straight to Captain Ryan himself. If he’s currently on the water, depending on distance, we loose cellular signal and your call goes straight to voicemail. Messages and emails are returned within 24 hours.

Q. How many can we take fishing?

Our vessel is allowed a maximum of 6 guests total. This is a law based on vessel size mandated by the U.S.C.G. If you have a larger fishing party let us know. We frequently work with other Captains to make multi-boat accommodations for larger groups.

Q. Do i need a fishing license?

No, our vessel carries a commercial charter fishing license that cover all guests on the vessel. this includes our out-of-state guests.


Costs Deckhands and Refunds


Q. How much do your charters cost?

Our prices for charters vary depending on the length of time you wish to spend on the water, and also can be dependent upon the fish species you may wish to target. Please see our rates page for more information.

Q. How can i pay for my fishing charter?

We accept cash, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express and Travelers Checks. Tips to the deckhand should be made in cash.

Q. Do you do split trips?

The short answer is no, but it’s always worth calling as you never know if the date your looking for may have a group thats not a full. Many times they’re more then happy to have you join them as it helps to offset the cost.

Q. Should i tip the deckhand?

Deckhands are a vital part of making sure you your trip runs as smoothly and safely as possible. they take care of all your rigging and bait, as well as handling your catch and taking photographs. They’re also the Captains right hand and are able to take control of the vessel should something arise that needs the Captains attention.

Q. How much should a deckhand be tipped?

Deckhands work for the vessel on a tip only basis. on average a deckhand is tipped a 15 – 20 percent gratuity based on the cost of the trip.

Q. What is your cancellation policy?

Cancellations should be made no less then (7) days from your scheduled charter date as a consideration to FishTaxi charters. Cancellations made within (72) hours of your scheduled charter departure will cause a forfeiture of any deposit.

Trips cancelled by us prior to departure do to weather, mechanical or unforeseen circumstances will have deposits refunded a.s.a.p.

Q. The weathers bad should we cancel the trip?

1st. Captain Ryan does not take risks.

2nd Florida weather can be very unpredictable.

The Captain does have, and will make the final call concerning the weather and if a trip should be canceled. BUT, if you feel that the weather conditions are just too rough for you, we will make every effort to reschedule your fishing charter trip.


Common Charter Questions


Q. Are kids allowed and is it safe for them?

Yes, of course, and we try to make sure kids get the extra attention they need. We have made every effort to make our charters accommodating to everyone of every age. We have even in the past purchased at our expense special life jackets for a group with (2) infants less then a year old.

Q. Can we bring a cooler?

Of course. we’ll even fill your cooler with ice right at the dock for you. We also have a large ice chest for guests to use on the boat thats kept clean for just food and drinks if you don’t have one.

Q. What items should we bring on our charter?

We have a list of recommendations here on our rates page.

Q. Is alcohol allowed on the boat?

Sure, you can bring beer, wine and even hard liquor. all we ask is that you keep drinking to acceptable levels. Please understand that if a guest become intoxicated the Captain does have the right to immediately end the charter and return to the dock and that the guests will still be responsible for full payment. Plus we have bait, no need to chum for more.

Q. Does the vessel have a bathroom?

Yes, our vessel has a front enclosed cabin with a chemical toilet and unlike some charter Captains we don’t mind at all if you use it.

Q. Are we in the sun the whole time?

We understand that a large number of our guests are not used to the intensity of the florida sun, especially during the summer months. Approximately 2/3rd of our vessels fishing area is covered by a solid fiberglass roof. If you tend to burn easily it is essential to bring and use sunscreen, a hat and sunglasses. A large portion of sun burns on boats can be attributed to the reflection of light off the water.

Q. Whats the deal with bananas?

Some Captains believe in the superstition that bananas are bad luck and refuse to allow them on a boat. Captain Ryan’s theory is a banana is just a banana.


Common Fishing Questions


Q. Do you supply fishing equipment ?

We supply all the rods, reels and rigging for you fishing charter. In cases of special need we also have electric motorized reels available, but you must let the Captain know well in advance of your trip.

Q. What about bait?

We take care of all the bait. we may make a stop on our way out on the water to catch live bait for your trip (15 minutes max.) or even stop on the way back in if we see a large school of bait to top off the livewells, but be assured that we will not waste your valuable time on the water wandering around looking for bait. We almost always have live or cut bait available, and carry upwards of 30lbs of frozen bait onboard incase live bait is not an option.

Q. Can i bring my own equipment?

Yes, yes you can. Please take into consideration it will be your responsibility safeguard your equipment while on board. Also, digging up a 30lb grouper from 65+ feet below on a ultralight rod can be the fight of a lifetime, that is till the rod shatters.

Q. Do you troll, bottom or even kite fish?

This is something your have to personally discuss with the Captain about for your type charter.

Q. Do you fish inshore or offshore?

Fishtaxi Charters is strictly a offshore / deep sea fishing charter. Charter trips into the gulf of mexico can range from 5 to 30+ miles offshore.

Q. Can we keep the fish we catch?

Absolutely! as long as the fish species is in season, and is of legal size and/or weight it’s all yours. We’ll even filet, skin, and in some cases de-bone your catch and bag it in ice for you at the end of the day.

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